Diet Diaries: Day #2 – Breakie, Lunch and Pasta Madness

So for breakfast we had a kaya toast and some fruit and nuts:


And I washed it all down with  fresh lemon tea. It was quite filling and I felt really good after I devoured the last mandrin orange on my plate.

Later that day Bad and I hopped off to the community centre nearby to play a bit of badminton!

(The video that was supposed to be here can’t load properly so I’ll vlog it and you can see a week’s worth of excersise for this week next Sunday) 🙂

It was really fun! We had a good time and afterwards lunch was a welcome sight!


A ham sandwich with an apple, a few mandrin oranges and some crisps was washed down with some beetroot-apple-carrot juice~! I shared the crisps and the apple with Bad but the mandrin oranges were all mine~~~~

And lastly for dinner I made a delicious beef pasta. I used australian angus beef and it cooked beautifully and tasted divine. So divine I finished my meal before I could take a picture! Not to worry I’ve packed the leftovers for lunch tomorrow so I took a picture of the packed lunch instead.


And with the pasta was a few more mandrin oranges and another apple, washed down with about 2 and a half cups of water.

I really feel that I made quite a bit of progress today with my fat-conscious meals, so wish me luck tmr! I’ll be going cycling down and the beach where temptations are everywhere~ ice cream will be dripping…. burgers sissling… I hope that my self-restraint persists!!!

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