Diet Diaries: Day 3


Having more fruits in the morning really has changed my energy levels a lot. After these few days I’m not sure I could go without at least an orange and a banana in the morning~! And to be honest I’d really love a smoothie maker~ If anyone would like to donate one to me I’d be eternally grateful~ I literally have all the ingredients for a great smoothie but nothing to use to make one!


Lunch was a stir-fried rice noodle and veggies dish. I used about two tables spoons of oil and that was pretty much it! It had egg, green beans and cabbage in it which provided a lot of delicious fresh crunch to the meal, without making it very bland. I also added some tofu so that I cut back on eating chicken a little so I could save it for dinner instead.

Snacking happened, but I made sure to stick with healthier options~ 🙂


Dinner was lightly fried chicken strips with boiled veggies and a side of corn on cob. After dinner I went for some  fruit and had two cups to green tea throughout the night~

I’m really enjoying the small changes, and my body is feeling so much better. Its easier to skip rope and to swim for longer periods, and I’m not feeling hungry as often as I used to.


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