Diet Diaries: Week 3 – I’m On Youtube~!

Hi Guys! So sorry for being gone for a while, I’ve actually been working on something a little more detailed these past few weeks to really help me loose those pounds: A Weight Loss Adventure!

So my bestfriend Badriah decided to team up with me to loose weight~ We’ve booth been steadily putting on the pounds and we decided once of the greatest adventures for us at this point is to work hard towards improving our health and wellness.

Out very first video is this one, which explains what we are doing and why:

And over the last two weeks we’ve been having quite a lot of ups and downs. The wonderful thing about working with a friend is that we both have someone in our lives who is keeping the other one in check, but that also means when we slack..we really slack…

So this now means that you get to see me work on loosing weight in action! However that also means there will be less daily blogs tracking my weightloss as I’ll be compiling everything into these vlogs.

New weightloss journey vlogs will be posted up every Wednesday and Thursday, so make sure to come subscribe to the channel “Adventures of Bad And Aida” to see more of our progress~! We need all the encouragement we can get. :3

Our most recent weightloss adventure is the one when we went to the Bedok Reservoir:

Followed by our very first update which was released this week about how it’s been for us over the past week of excercising and eating right together.

There have been a lot of ups and downs, and we are kind of struggling, so do leave us comments of encouragement, we really need the positve energy to get through this~!

And let me know if you guys are also working on your healthy-lifestye journey~ I’d love to connect with others who are walking down the same path and have had similar experiences.


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