I’ve got so much new art~!

Ever since the election started in America I’ve been following it vehemently. The debates, the news, and now the shocking results. I’m not for or against either party as here in Asia, I don’t have a say, but I feel sad for those who have been struggling and are having a hard time because of the results, so I’d just like to send out a few good vibes from this little rainbow heart of mine:


I hope that things slowly get better for those who are struggling with finding respite in the coming days.

While watching the debates, I drew and drew as I’m one of those people who needs to keep her hands busy in order to concentrate ;). I started a whole new series of unicorns, and then some! Here are a few of the unicorns I have recently uploaded to my art portfolio:


Libra Unicorn, Skeleton Unicorn and Autumn Unicorn from top to bottom.

And here are a few unicorns from my latest zodiac collection:


Sagittarius Unicorn


Capricon Unicorn


And Aquarius Unicorn

And more will be coming soon! If you like unicorns as much as I do, feel free to check out my section on unicorns on my portfolio: Ai’s Portfolio on Redbubble

I hope on some level, the more good energy I create, the more good energy is released into the universe to help those in need, and what better way to create good energy than to create unicorns~!! 😁

Take care everyone, have a good week ahead!

And lastly, have a cute little fluffy rainbow bunny:


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