I’m really happy to share with you my most recent update to an art work that I’ve worked so hard on over the last two years; The Dream Quest.

The main reason why I decided to make the Dream Quest into a coloring was because I have always loved stories and activities that are interactive. A coloring book for me is a way for me to communicate my art such that it can involve my reader on a new level.

When I first illustrated and crowdfunded the Dream Quest, I only included the pages which talked about the process of travelling through these mystical landscapes. However once I got my hands on the printed copy, I felt that there was something missing to the process. I found myself asking questions like “Who is this girl?” and “What made her go on this quest?”, questions that I felt the reader would like to know the answers to. So I went on a bit more soul-searching and that’s when I discovered the traveller’s name; Reccan.

As I began to write the back story of Reccan’s journey, I found myself becoming more and more invested in her plight, and I felt that it would enhance the overall experience of the tale if I included landmarks that Reccan discovered and places that she had been before and after she embarked on the search for her lost heart. The book blossomed and grew from there, resulting in a much more elaborate story that the first stage of it’s development did not have.

I’ve always loved to read webcomics, and although this is meant to be a coloring book, it still reads like a graphic novel, so I’ve decided to make it freely available here and on tapastic. I will be posting a new page here every Wednesday, but if you would like to read it sooner, subscribe to the comic on tapastic where I’ll be posting a page up daily:

The Dream Quest On Tapastic

Thank you so much for your positive words and your support! Do enjoy the first page of the Dream Quest:




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