JanVlogs & New Year Resolutions

Good morning my dreamy dreamy dreamies~!!

I’m here on my bed, thinking about all the crazy ideas I have lined up for this year and I realised that I haven’t mentioned to you that I’m now posting up daily vlogs! Plus I finally have three resolutions this year that  neeeed to talk about so that  can hold myself accountable at the end of the year, to make sure that I actually make them happen!

My first New Year’s Resolution is to create more and post more, which is why  I started that out straight away by posting up this on New Year’s Eve:

And now, to be up-to-date, it’s been 5 days so far and I’m still keeping it real:

I wanted to start vlogging last year but my anxiety got in the way. I kept looking at other youtubers and found myself spending more time watching youtube than recording videos myself XD. Now I have a healthy balance of both! And I’m so excited for Samantha Maria. Does anyone else watch her youtube channel? I can’t wait to see her and Jason’s first child! And I’ve been obsessing over Marzia‘s channel for so long. The fact that she too has anxiety is so relatable for me. I always look to her for encouragement and a pick me up on the days that I feel like everything is caving in. Marzia is the coolest~! :3

So this year I want to work on creating and experimenting with film and photography, as these are the two art forms that I love so much but have been neglecting. There is something really beautiful about fashion photography and product photography. I don’t know whether it’s the sheer action of bringing beauty to simplicity,


or the delicate balance between beauty and the environment

Alone in the woods

I just love it all. I’ve been on one photography trip this last year on christmas, and I’ll be blogging the result of that in a few days, and this coming Sunday I’m going on another one, and I think I’ll keep this up! I’m really enjoying photographing the urban landscape. The world is a strange and fascinating plave.

My second resolution is to improve my photography skills! I want to not just take a lot of pictures but also take classes, whether online or offline, so as to hone my eye to see world in a new and exciting way!

Gosh I’m just so excited to be alive. Does anyone else feel that way? After last year, I feel that anyone and everyone who is alive right now in 2017, is amazing. We are amazing. Let’s rule the world!

Ok enough of that, I said I had three resolutions right? My last and final resolution for this year is the same one I had last year, which is to get help and learn to love myself more. I found myself in a very dark place last year, and it was only because of the strength, love and devotion of my girlfriend that I finally managed to pull myself together and get help. I want to make sure that I keep doing that. I never want to fall make and loose myself in my head again, and although I know that it’s a problem that I will have for the rest of my life, I’m ready to fight the good fight, and keep moving forward, even it’s one shuffle forward at a time, every day.

To keep it real and down to earth, here is a little song from me to you; you got the love.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions for this year? Let me know! Let’s help each other keep accountable to our heart’s desires.


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