’15 Christmas Photography Trip

So as I talked about in my previous vlog, I had a really wonderful time with Bad as we walked around, taking photos and just enjoying christmas in 2016.




We were so excited to be on this photo-taking trip together that we immediately started taking pictures on the bus! This was the very first picture I took and I loved it:

Bus Stop Button

I was working on something called ‘leading lines’, which is when you use nature or geometric lines found in the environment to lead the viewer’s eyes toward the focus of your attention as a photographer. I felt that  really tried to implement some element of that into this piece, so I’m pretty happy with it for that reason.

I also tried to capture distortion, such as the reflection of the bus chairs in the window, distorted by the ran and the perspective:

Bus Stop Window


Then thing began to get a little silly as I kept dropping the bracelet that I recently made for the MNYW collection, and Bad had to help me put it on again:


I tried to do a sort of “look book” style shoot on the bus, and that also failed. Here are the few pictures that came out alright:



But then there was a lot more of this:



Moving buses are very difficult places to take pictures!


So Bad and I decided to just be silly for a while instead.



And maybe try some “Dramatc” posses?



So fiiiiiiinnnaaaallly, after what was about a 2hour bus ride into the city, we got off a took a lot of pictures. Here are a few of the many many shots that I took that night:

Across the road

Rushing traffic

Vintage Buildings

Bulbous Lamps

Rushing away into the night


Dancing Lights and Green Field

Lights on the Singapore River 5

Lights on the Singapore River 3

Lights on the Singapore River 2

If you are keen on seeing the rest you can view them on my flicker album:

Aidadaism on Flickr

I enjoyed myself to bits taking all those pictures!!! Bad is always amazing company, and with the lights, the world and the environment spinning around like the galaxy just opened up to welcome you home, it was the best way to celebrate Christmas in 2016. I’m looking forward to Christmas in 2017!


Lots of love from the Bad&AiAi Photography team~! XD


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