Boundaries Page 10

Finally new pages! This is a rather short story, and I’ve been wanting to paint it in watercolor but it’s always made me very nervous to create a comic book page using traditional mediums.

You can read the full comic here: Boundaries on Tapastic
I apologise that the pages keep changing from digital art to traditional medium format; it’s been hard to decide which I prefer. Now I’ve finally settled on a format; watercolor and inking. 🙂

I hope you enjoy the comic nevertheless. It’s a very emotional story for me because I love the character very much. Previously I created the whole comic in ink but I really felt that the story wasn’t being told to it’s best ability, so that is what motivated me to recreate it with an improved storyline and detailed illustrations.

This comic will be updated weekly as it takes some time to illustrate and paint each page :3



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