Mint Green is Love

I have a deep love affair with mint green. I’m not sure what it is about the hue, but everything looks better, fresher in mint green. It’s not a color I would use for interior deco, but for a purse, wallet or a pair of shoes as an accent piece, I really love the idea of mint green.

wanton web print

Looking at the same colour in different hues inspires me when I am working on something new. I like to visualise how all the elements of the painting will compliment where it will be living after I have completed it. Sometimes I also find that I end up holding back on some of my more creative ideas because I feel that people wouldn’t be able to look at my work and say “this would be great in my living room”. That’s why color hues are so important. With an odd accent of color at a specific place, in creates a secret language which I enjoy, that weaves a story within a story, allowing me to be expressive in a very subtle, elusive sort of way.

However mint green for me is a color that is like rainbow vomit, you know? It’s a combination of magic dust, glitter and turquoise all mixed together to create this almost-neon-shade of light green-blue that is perfect and ready for anything.

So I’m really keen on working on a whole series of just mint green objects, sketches and designs. Gotta bring a little mint green unicorn puke back into my life, one bucketful at a time. 🙂


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